How to involve siblings in a newborn photo shoot

As parents, getting prepared for your newborn’s photo shoot may be simple. What about your older kids though? How can you get them ready for a fun and exciting photo session with your newborn? 

It makes sense that, as parents, you would want to include the older children in the newborn photo session as well as the rest of the family. However, getting your toddler to participate with a newborn session without them acting off or getting bored can occasionally be difficult.

Don’t let the older sibling feel neglected 

It’s challenging to adjust to a new family member, particularly when the other members are still getting acclimated to their new role as elder siblings. They might occasionally feel neglected by their parents as a result of their new sibling. 

For this reason, do all in your power to include them in the photo shoot so they won’t feel left out. Take advantage of your family’s newborn photoshoot and make sure they understand that it’s about your family’s progress overall, not just the new member.

Give them a small role of responsibility 

Giving your older child (children) a job during the photo shoot might help them feel special and important. Be sure to discuss it with them beforehand and get their enthusiasm going. For example, you can give them smaller tasks like singing to the baby while the shoot is on.

Encourage hugs and kisses

Your elder child or children may be uneasy and uncertain around your new baby. Use the photo shoot to help them relax and get to know their younger sibling while we capture lovely photographs of the two of them together. 

Try to persuade them into cuddling while the older sibling gently holds the younger sibling in their arms. Alternately, you might try to get your older child(ren) to kiss their sibling on the cheek. Encourage them to approach their younger sibling and simply touch them softly and gently. This can make up for the best newborn photoshoot.

Still confused? Get in touch with us and we can discuss all your concerns on a pre-photoshoot consultation call. We are happy to assist you in coming up with suggestions for how to make sure that siblings enjoy the newborn photo session. And don’t worry if something comes up during the session! Since we’re all in this together, we’ll come up with an amazing way to ensure the entire family has the best time at this photo session. Please connect with us on +91 98191 11198 for enquiries.

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