Holiday Photoshoot in Mumbai

This holiday season has seen a plethora of joyful Christmas-themed photo shoots, including newborns, first birthday cake smashes, sitter sessions and even family portraits. Putting these sessions together is always so much fun. Want to discover the best perk of booking a Jiyaa Arora Design Photography session for your holiday photoshoots? We handle everything for you! We have a tonne of lovely and exciting ideas for you. So, whether you want something extravagant or something simple and traditional, we have it all.

The perfect prop for a baby’s first Christmas photo shoot is a basket. Simply place your baby in the basket after filling it with soft fleece or quilts. You can take the most stunning photo ever if you surround the basket with some holiday-themed decorations.

Holiday season truly makes everyone happy, helps them feel more connected and close to each other and this applies to your kids as well. If you have two or more kids, allow them to bond together in the most candid way. No prop or accessory can compare to the magic this will create in your photo shoot.

Minimalistic Christmas portraits are truly so brilliant, you are going to want to frame them on your wall. The key is to get ample of warm sunlight and keep the outfits clean and simple with a monochromatic colour scheme suiting the holiday season.

If you’re photographing your newborn, make sure you wrap them up in snug, christmas colored swaddles. A beautifully candy cane red or a lovely christmas tree green would look absolutely adorable. Add in some lights and a few Christmas props to enliven the backdrop. How about a giant Christmas wreath? Yes, that’ll do the job!

Throw in a smash-worthy cake in your Christmas photo set-up and you’re in for a total treat! Trust us, cakesmashes go with every occasion and we are a big fan! A cute little reindeer or snowman cake would be super adorable. Your little one will thoroughly enjoy this session and so will you!

Taking care of your little one as they grow to become naughtier by the day can get really challenging. Alongside that, attempting to curate a photo shoot for them especially around the festive hustle and bustle? Well, let us help you out! Get in touch with us on +91 9819111198 to book a photo session for your little one or perhaps a wonderful family portrait shoot. 

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