Inspiration for a Fun and Unique Cake Smash Photo Shoot

Cake smash photo sessions are perhaps the most fun and exiting photo shoots for you and your baby! It captures your child having fun and being their cutest, messiest self! You can try many themes, colour combinations, and ideas to create the best backdrop for the shoot. Parents love having cake smash photo shoots to celebrate their child’s first birthday. It is a momentous occasion and perhaps the most special birthday. However, cake smashes aren’t just for one year olds. Sitters and toddlers older than one enjoy them just as much! Read on to get some inspiration for the perfect cake smash photo shoot for your little one!

Get inspired by your baby’s interests!

Even the smallest babies have their favourites! Does your baby have a love for fairytales, superheroes, or nature? Base the theme on one of these and give them a princess, superhero or animal costume to make the shoot extra special! The backdrop can incorporate these themes and create a magical experience for you and your baby.

Have a mini photo shoot before

As adorable as cake smash photos are, it is always good to have a mini photo session beforehand with non-messy pictures so you have lots of pictures to remember the day! You have the beautiful background and your little one all dressed up, so make the most of it!

Add your own twist

Who said cake smashes have to include just cakes? Does your baby have a favourite food they prefer? use that instead! Cake smashes with doughnuts, mini cupcakes, and muffins can look even better and add a unique element to your shoot and gives it a personal touch!

Join in on the fun!

Your child loves playing with you, imagine how much they’ll enjoy smashing the cake with you too! After getting some solo shots of your little one, you can get in the frame and do the cake smash with your kid and add another ‘aww’ element to the pictures!

Cake smashes have become immensely popular with parents because they combine fun and cuteness to create the best memories. Cake Smashes are one of the best pictures to look back on to remember how playful and amusing your little ones were. To capture these beautiful memories, book a baby photography session with Jiyaa Arora by contacting us at 9819111198 today!

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